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The top 5 nations where US IT talent are being recruited by firms

As companies worldwide vie for top-notch U.S. tech talent, American professionals are increasingly making moves abroad. According to a fresh report from Deel, a global HR and payroll firm, the U.S. ranks second in the number of tech workers stationed overseas, nestled between India at the top spot and Britain in third place.

So, where are these American tech wizards heading? The top destinations welcoming and hiring U.S. tech talent include Great Britain, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, and Spain. Primarily, these professionals are finding roles in software development, product management, and operations.

Masha Sutherlin, head of immigration at Deel, notes that international employers are keen on snagging American tech prowess, drawn by the innovative spirit often cultivated in the U.S. This allure extends to graduates from renowned universities, veterans of startups, venture capitalists, and those who’ve left indelible marks on industry giants like Google.

Often, U.S. tech experts abroad take on operational roles, leveraging their expertise to aid in global expansion endeavors or importing best practices from U.S.-based firms.

Various factors motivate American tech workers to make the leap overseas. Relatively fewer tech layoffs outside the U.S. market, compared to within, can prompt job seekers to explore opportunities abroad, especially during periods of significant political or judicial upheaval. The rise of the digital nomad lifestyle, coupled with accessible digital nomad visas, has also catalyzed this trend.

While elite salaries may not be guaranteed overseas, improved lifestyle prospects, such as walkable cities with lower living costs and favorable tax schemes, can make the relocation enticing.

Interestingly, the U.S. remains a highly sought-after destination for expat workers. In 2023, Spain, Great Britain, and Canada were the top recruiters of expatriate talent, but the U.S. stood out as the ultimate destination based on incoming visa requests to Deel. This demand extends beyond tech roles, with a significant uptick observed in the hiring of American workers by international companies across various sectors.

For these skilled professionals, securing a new job is the primary motive for visa applications, followed by seeking pathways to citizenship, accessing preferential tax rates, enhancing quality of life, and reuniting with partners.

The global landscape of tech talent migration reflects a dynamic exchange of skills and opportunities, shaping the future of the industry on a global scale.


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