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India-US CEO Forum Unveils Innovative Knowledge-Sharing Platform for Cross-Border Collaboration

In a dynamic move toward fostering bilateral collaboration, a working group of the India-US CEO Forum unveiled an innovative knowledge-sharing platform on Tuesday. This platform, a testament to the Forum’s commitment to entrepreneurship, inclusive growth, and the promotion of small businesses, marks a pivotal step in facilitating cross-border exchange.

The launch took place in collaboration with the United Services Institute (USI) and the CyberPeace Foundation during a dialogue focused on inclusive growth and the empowerment of startups and MSMEs in the digital age at USI. As part of this dialogue, Prakshepan, an innovation Hackathon, was introduced alongside Cybersecurity & AI Capacity Building and Skilling Workshops tailored for MSMEs and startups.

These workshops are designed to equip MSMEs and startups with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the digital landscape securely, safeguarding them against online threats while fortifying their security infrastructure. Subi Chaturvedi, Chief Corporate Affairs & Public Policy Officer at InMobi and Sherpa of Working Group 7, emphasized how this dialogue and the accompanying knowledge-sharing platform will bolster the bilateral relationship, promoting inclusive growth by empowering startups and integrating MSMEs into the global supply chain.

Chaturvedi shone a spotlight on the ‘Prakshepan’ hackathon, emphasizing its mission to discover, guide, and propel startups that actively bolster the bond between India and the US. Meanwhile, Mahaveer Singhvi, the Joint Secretary at the Ministry of External Affairs, radiated optimism regarding the transformative influence of such endeavors on nurturing a deeper connection between the two nations. Singhvi passionately underscored the pivotal role of startups as the engines of innovation, highlighting their power not only to fortify trade relations but also to foster a vibrant exchange of cutting-edge technologies poised to shape the future.

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