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The CEO of Cricket West Indies supports India’s pivotal leadership role in the revival of Test cricket

The CEO of Cricket West Indies has underscored India’s pivotal role in revitalizing Test cricket, emphasizing the country’s leadership potential in shaping the future of the sport. With a rich heritage and formidable international standing in cricket, India’s influence extends beyond its on-field prowess to its strategic contributions in global cricket governance and development. India’s […]


Bill Gates talks with Nikhil Kamath on Microsoft’s success in India, CEO Satya Nadella, and insights

In a captivating podcast episode, tech visionary Bill Gates engaged in a profound discussion with Nikhil Kamath, delving into Microsoft’s journey and its significant ties to India. Gates highlighted India’s pivotal role in Microsoft’s global success, citing the country’s pool of talented engineers and its vibrant tech ecosystem as critical factors. Reflecting on Microsoft’s evolution […]

Meet the Woman Who Powered India’s Highest-Paid CEO, Whose Suggestions Raised Daily Revenue to Over Rs. 5 Crore

In a remarkable tale of partnership and success, the wife of one of India’s highest-paid CEOs has emerged as a pivotal force behind his unprecedented earnings. Known for her astute business acumen and strategic advice, she has played a crucial role in shaping her husband’s career trajectory and guiding their family’s financial strategies. Her journey […]


Vasiliki Petrou announces her departure from the CEO position of Unilever Prestige

Vasiliki Petrou, CEO of Unilever Prestige, has made the decision to step down from her role, marking the end of a successful tenure characterized by significant achievements and strategic initiatives. During her leadership, Petrou played a pivotal role in expanding Unilever Prestige’s global presence and enhancing its portfolio of luxury beauty and personal care brands. […]


CircleSquare Names Cherifa Ben Slamia Global CEO, Ushering in New Leadership Era

CircleSquare, a prominent global marketing agency, has announced the appointment of Cherifa Ben Slamia as its new Global CEO. This strategic move underscores CircleSquare’s commitment to leveraging top-tier talent to drive innovation and growth in the competitive marketing landscape. Ben Slamia brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having previously held senior leadership […]


Chatime Australia’s CEO Promoted to Global CEO, Denoting Global Goals

In a significant leadership transition, Chatime Australia has announced that its head, Carla Wilshire, will assume the role of Global CEO. This appointment marks a milestone for the company as it aims to strengthen its international presence. Wilshire, who has been instrumental in expanding Chatime’s footprint in Australia, is now poised to bring her strategic […]


Tabcorp Appoints Gillon McLachlan, a former AFL chief, as CEO, Bringing in New Leadership

In a move set to reshape the Australian gambling landscape, Tabcorp has appointed former AFL chief Gillon McLachlan as its new CEO. Known for his transformative leadership at the Australian Football League, McLachlan’s transition to Tabcorp is expected to infuse the company with fresh strategic insights and innovative approaches. His tenure at the AFL, marked […]


According to CWI CEO Johnny Grave, “India’s Leadership is Crucial for Test Cricket’s Prosperity.”

In a compelling statement, Cricket West Indies (CWI) CEO Johnny Grave underscored India’s pivotal role in shaping the future of Test cricket. Grave emphasized the significance of India’s leadership not only in terms of on-field performance but also in driving global interest and investment in the traditional format of the game. Grave pointed out that […]


CEO Elena Sorlini said Zayed International Airport will be able to handle the increased demand for travel between the UAE and India

In a significant development for aviation in the UAE, Zayed International Airport CEO Elena Sorlini has outlined ambitious plans to cater to the increasing demand for air travel between the UAE and India. Sorlini emphasized the airport’s strategic position and state-of-the-art facilities, which are poised to accommodate the surge in passenger traffic expected in the […]


The Transport Workers Union has expressed concerns to Bain Capital over Paul Jones, the potential CEO of Virgin Australia

Amidst discussions surrounding the leadership of Virgin Australia, the Transport Workers Union (TWU) has raised significant concerns in a letter addressed to Bain Capital, the airline’s owner. The TWU’s letter expresses reservations about the potential appointment of Paul Jones as CEO, citing past disputes and disagreements during his tenure at another airline. TWU Secretary Michael […]