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Zomato’s new service ‘Pure Veg Mode’ leaves netizens divided, CEO Deepinder Goyal reacts


Zomato, the leading online food delivery platform, unveiled its latest innovation, the ‘Pure Veg Mode’, designed specifically to cater to customers adhering to a vegetarian diet. Founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal announced this groundbreaking service on the social media platform X, emphasizing the company’s commitment to meeting diverse dietary preferences. Goyal highlighted India’s status as the world’s largest market for vegetarians and acknowledged the significant feedback received from this demographic regarding their culinary requirements.

The ‘Pure Veg Mode’ introduces a curated selection of restaurants exclusively offering vegetarian cuisine, ensuring that non-vegetarian food items are completely excluded. Accompanying this service is the introduction of a dedicated ‘Pure Veg Fleet’, tasked solely with delivering orders from these approved vegetarian establishments. Goyal underscored the meticulous attention to detail, assuring customers that their orders would remain uncontaminated by non-vegetarian meals, a testament to Zomato’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Goyal clarified that the introduction of ‘Pure Veg Mode’ and the associated fleet is driven solely by dietary considerations and does not align with any religious or political affiliations. He further teased future initiatives, hinting at specialized fleets tailored to meet other unique customer needs. For instance, he mentioned plans for a cake delivery fleet equipped with hydraulic balancers to prevent cakes from being damaged during transit. These enhancements are set to roll out gradually across the country in the coming weeks, reflecting Zomato’s dedication to innovation and customer-centric service.

These advancements reflect Zomato’s ongoing commitment to evolving alongside its customers’ needs and preferences. By introducing specialized services like the ‘Pure Veg Mode’, the company aims to enhance the overall dining experience for its diverse user base. Deepinder Goyal reiterated the importance of listening to customer feedback and adapting accordingly, ensuring that Zomato remains at the forefront of culinary innovation.

In the ever-evolving landscape of food delivery, Zomato continues to set new standards for convenience, reliability, and inclusivity. The introduction of the ‘Pure Veg Mode’ is just the latest example of the company’s dedication to providing tailored solutions that cater to the unique preferences of its customers. As Zomato expands its range of specialized services, customers can look forward to more innovative offerings that redefine the food delivery experience.

Zomato’s decision to introduce the “Pure Veg Mode” alongside the “Pure Veg Fleet” sparked varied reactions across the internet. While some users welcomed the initiative, others expressed skepticism. Let’s delve into a few of these responses.

One individual, identified as Kamal Kumar, shared their thoughts on X, stating, “Absolutely! Vegetarians prefer dining at establishments that exclusively serve vegetarian cuisine. Their primary concern revolves around the meticulous handling of their food. They often inquire about the use of separate utensils and cooking oils to ensure purity and adherence to their dietary preferences.”


In a satirical comment aimed at Zomato’s recent initiative, a user identified as Mukesh shared their perspective on X, stating, “It seems like we non-vegetarians require a corresponding service dedicated to pure non-vegetarian fare. We certainly wouldn’t want our delectable dishes to commingle with what some might consider as low-protein pure vegetarian food.”
Offering a unique perspective, user Shashank Shekhar Jha shared their insights on X, highlighting the challenges faced when non-vegetarian food is mistakenly delivered to customers ordering vegetarian meals. They outlined the consequences of such errors, including inconvenience to customers, negative impacts on restaurant rankings, and potential compensation obligations for Zomato.

To address this issue, the proposed solution involves maintaining strict segregation between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food throughout the delivery process. By implementing this measure, they commended Zomato for taking proactive steps to ensure the integrity of each customer’s dietary preferences, ultimately contributing to a more positive dining experience for all.
Following the announcement of the new service, Deepinder Goyal took to X once again to share his reflections. He expressed gratitude for the overwhelmingly positive reception to the launch, particularly noting the enthusiasm from younger demographics who saw the introduction of the service as an opportunity for broader family usage of Zomato.

Emphasizing the service’s focus on dietary preferences rather than religious or cultural factors, Goyal reiterated the need for separate fleets to prevent any potential mixing of food orders during delivery. He explained that despite efforts to prevent such occurrences, spills in delivery boxes could result in unwanted odor transfer between orders, necessitating the segregation of fleets for vegetarian and non-vegetarian orders.

Goyal reassured users that participation in the vegetarian delivery fleet would not be influenced by the dietary preferences of delivery partners. Addressing concerns about potential exclusion by certain societies or residential welfare associations (RWAs), he pledged to address any such issues collaboratively and responsibly. Furthermore, Goyal pledged to swiftly reverse the decision if any significant negative social impacts were observed as a result of the change, reaffirming Zomato’s commitment to both customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

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