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Elon Musk praised the executive bench after his Tesla makeover

Elon Musk’s leadership at Tesla has long been a subject of both admiration and scrutiny. Just over a year ago, Musk stood before investors, flanked by a cadre of 16 executives, presenting Tesla’s vision for the future with characteristic zeal. Yet, recent revelations suggest a different picture, one marked by significant executive turnover and strategic […]


WhatsApp Cannot Be Trusted: Insights from Twitter CEO Elon Musk

WhatsApp recently addressed concerns raised by Twitter engineer Foad Dabiri regarding the app’s microphone usage. Dabiri shared a screenshot on Twitter claiming that WhatsApp was using the microphone while he was asleep, raising privacy concerns. The tweet gained significant attention, including from Elon Musk, who expressed his lack of trust in the platform. However, WhatsApp […]