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After a month, Srinivas Pallia, CEO of Wipro, has town halls and Q&As scheduled

As Srinivas Pallia steps into his role as CEO of Wipro, he’s wasting no time in making his mark. From jet-setting across the globe to connect with employees and stakeholders to implementing new strategies, his proactive approach is palpable. Last week’s town hall in London showcased Pallia’s commitment to bridging distances, both geographical and metaphorical. […]


India is a major player in the IT industry, and Indians assist in the worldwide problem-solving process: CEO of Zscaler, a cloud security startup

In a recent interview at TiECon, Jay Chaudhury, the visionary CEO of Zscaler, shared his perspective on India’s burgeoning role in the global IT landscape. With unwavering confidence, he emphasized India’s pivotal position in addressing worldwide challenges through technological innovation. Reflecting on his own journey, Chaudhury underscored the pivotal role of the Modi government in […]


According to Naspers CEO, Indian entrepreneurs are among of the greatest in the world

Celebrating the ingenuity of Indian entrepreneurs as among the finest globally, a prominent CEO of a South African multinational corporation extolled the shared journey of India and South Africa in embracing digital transformation and leveraging technology’s transformative power. Phuti Mahanyele, the CEO of Naspers South Africa, a prominent global technology investment group with significant interests […]

Nitin Agarwal is named CEO of Welspun Corp’s Steel Business

Welspun Corp’s latest move in appointing Nitin Agarwal as CEO of its Steel Business marks a strategic shift towards leveraging his extensive 19-year tenure within the Welspun Group. With a robust background in Global Supply Chain Management, Business Development, and Sales & Marketing, Agarwal brings a wealth of expertise to the forefront. Notably, Agarwal’s leadership […]


CEO Sundar Pichai addresses Google Gemini accusations by outlining the critical elements of AI chatbot success

During his recent speech at the 2024 Business, Government & Society Forum, Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, delved into how artificial intelligence (AI) shapes the tech giant’s products. He specifically addressed concerns raised about the responses from Google’s Gemini AI chatbot. Pichai stressed that users’ high expectations serve as a driving force for Google’s ongoing efforts […]


Industry insiders predict a seamless transition thanks to Srinivas Pallia’s elevation to the position of CEO at Wipro

Industry insiders gave a nod of approval to Wipro’s decision to appoint company veteran Srinivas Pallia as the new CEO instead of opting for an external candidate. The move comes as Wipro has been grappling with sluggish business growth in recent quarters. Pallia, who previously served as the CEO for Wipro’s Americas I business, steps […]

Gopal Vittal, CEO Bharti Airtel advised users – to transition from regular SIM cards to e-SIMs

In a communication addressed to all Airtel subscribers this Tuesday, Gopal Vittal, CEO of Bharti Airtel, advocated for a transition from physical SIM cards to eSIMs. Gopal Vittal, who holds the position of principal superintendent for India and South Asia at Bharti Airtel, highlighted the benefits of eSIM technology. An eSIM, or embedded SIM, enables […]