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6 Questions for BlockApps CEO Kieren James-Lubin


Kieren James-Lubin with girlfriend Yamina Sarah-Chekroun. Source: Kieren James-Lubin

1.If you were making an investment in start-up businesses right now, what sort of blockchain-based business opportunity would grab your attention?

So, in the middle of this industry boom, I would keep an eye out for blockchain projects that put a focus on useful, user-facing value. I’d be interested in firms that try to streamline, accelerate, and make existing processes more accessible to normal consumers, rather than just concentrating on infrastructure. In essence, my search would be for technologies that improve user experience without being overly complicated.

Furthermore, it’s critical to take adoption ease into account. Many of the ground-breaking ideas that blockchain technology has presented have failed to find broad adoption because of their complexity. Startups that can provide novel solutions while maintaining their usability are therefore highly sought after. In order to spark widespread interest and promote adoption, it is imperative to strike a balance between novelty and accessibility.

2.For the upcoming year, what do you anticipate to be the most significant blockchain trend?

Even if it may not have reached its full potential just yet, it appears that AI in blockchain will continue to attract a lot of interest in the future. Furthermore, the idea of using blockchain technology to store real-world assets is gaining support and is a step closer to being widely used.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that blockchain’s confluence with other cutting-edge technologies, such the Internet of Things (IoT) and decentralized finance (DeFi), would spur innovation and open up new avenues for business. The creation of more complete and linked solutions that cover a larger variety of use cases is made possible by these synergies.


3.To date, what has been the most difficult task you have undertaken in this sector?

Finding our target market has been one of our biggest challenges. At first, we primarily served large B2B clients, but we quickly saw that the general public required easier access to our technology. It has been quite the tightrope walk to strike a balance between the requirements of early adopters and mainstream consumers.

Furthermore, managing the quickly changing regulatory environment has brought with it a unique set of difficulties. As regulatory agencies and countries consider the potential effects of blockchain technology, it is critical to maintain compliance while also encouraging innovation and expansion.

4.Over the course of the upcoming year, what type of consolidation is the cryptocurrency sector likely to see?

Remarkably, the projected consolidation in the cryptocurrency space hasn’t happened as much as predicted. A diversified ecology is maintained by fresh participants joining the scene despite waves of boom and bust.

Furthermore, rather than leading to consolidation, the continuous proliferation is facilitated by the robustness of blockchain ecosystems and the steady stream of new enterprises. The cryptocurrency market is probably going to continue to develop and expand as long as investors are interested and networks are functional.

5.What efforts are the nations doing to encourage blockchain technology? Do you believe that the US will fall behind?

The degree to which countries embrace blockchain technology varies. Some people are all for it, while others are apprehensive and are even pushing blockchain ventures outside. The alignment of regulations might certainly be improved in order to promote innovation without sacrificing security.


Moreover, talent, capital, and projects are likely to be drawn to countries that offer transparent legislative frameworks and incentives for blockchain innovation. These nations are aware of how blockchain technology may spur economic expansion, provide employment, and improve productivity across a range of sectors.

6.Which five Twitter streams are essential to your daily life?

I follow a few Twitter accounts that help me remain current with blockchain news. The following people—Jesse Walden, Aaron Wright, Caitlin Long, Chain Yoda, and Balaji Srinivasan—always provide insightful commentary on the most recent advancements in cryptocurrency. I am able to keep updated and engaged in the business because to the distinct perspectives and knowledge that each person brings to the table.



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