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The Transport Workers Union has expressed concerns to Bain Capital over Paul Jones, the potential CEO of Virgin Australia

Amidst discussions surrounding the leadership of Virgin Australia, the Transport Workers Union (TWU) has raised significant concerns in a letter addressed to Bain Capital, the airline’s owner. The TWU’s letter expresses reservations about the potential appointment of Paul Jones as CEO, citing past disputes and disagreements during his tenure at another airline. TWU Secretary Michael […]

Business News

Brendan Campbell is named CEO of AlphaGrep Global Capital by the AlphaGrep Group

AlphaGrep Group has announced the appointment of Brendan Campbell as the new CEO of AlphaGrep Global Capital. This leadership change signals a new chapter for the company, which is known for its innovative approach to quantitative trading and technology-driven investment strategies. Campbell’s extensive experience in the financial sector and his proven track record of success […]


The CEO and Managing Director of Future Generali India Life Insurance is Alok Rungta

Future Generali India Life Insurance has announced the appointment of Alok Rungta as its new Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. This strategic move is expected to bolster the company’s growth trajectory and enhance its market presence in the highly competitive life insurance sector. Rungta, with his extensive experience in the insurance industry, is well-positioned […]


Brady Harris becomes CEO of IXOPAY and leads the company’s expansion into international payments

In a significant move aimed at accelerating its global growth, IXOPAY has announced the appointment of Brady Harris as its new Chief Executive Officer. With a rich background in the payments industry, Harris is set to steer IXOPAY into a new era of innovation and expansion, leveraging his extensive experience to enhance the company’s market […]