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The CEO of ZekiTek is Indian-Origin and plans to expand into India’s booming renewable energy market

In a recent announcement, the Indian-origin CEO of Australian technology company ZekiTek, Ravi Mehta, expressed the firm’s keen interest in expanding into India’s burgeoning renewable energy market. The company’s strategic move is aimed at leveraging India’s rapid advancements and substantial investments in sustainable energy solutions. As a leader in innovative tech solutions, ZekiTek aims to […]


Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub, believes India will lead the world’s developer community

India is poised to become the world’s largest developer community, according to GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke. Speaking at a recent technology summit, Dohmke highlighted the rapid growth of India’s tech sector and the increasing number of developers contributing to global projects from the country. This development is not only significant for India but also for […]

CEO Stories

Brian Chesky of Airbnb Shares His Thoughts on Overcoming Success and Why Failure Isn’t the Hardest Stage

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky’s Journey: Success, IPO, and the Unfilled Void Brian Chesky, the visionary behind Airbnb, once believed that achieving success, particularly through his company’s IPO, would be the pinnacle of fulfillment. Yet, as the IPO day dawned and the company’s valuation soared to unprecedented heights, Chesky found himself grappling with an unexpected realization: […]

Startup Business News

“Indicorns”: Kunal Bahl of Snapdeal Offers a Desi Perspective on Startup Success Measures

Snapdeal’s co-founder, Kunal Bahl, known for his active engagement and insightful commentary on X (formerly Twitter), is injecting a dose of desi flavor into the startup vernacular. Amidst a landscape dominated by terms like unicorn and hectocorn, Bahl is introducing a new term: ‘Indicorns’. In a recent post on X, Bahl suggested this novel term […]


India-US CEO Forum Unveils Innovative Knowledge-Sharing Platform for Cross-Border Collaboration

In a dynamic move toward fostering bilateral collaboration, a working group of the India-US CEO Forum unveiled an innovative knowledge-sharing platform on Tuesday. This platform, a testament to the Forum’s commitment to entrepreneurship, inclusive growth, and the promotion of small businesses, marks a pivotal step in facilitating cross-border exchange. The launch took place in collaboration […]