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After a month, Srinivas Pallia, CEO of Wipro, has town halls and Q&As scheduled

As Srinivas Pallia steps into his role as CEO of Wipro, he’s wasting no time in making his mark. From jet-setting across the globe to connect with employees and stakeholders to implementing new strategies, his proactive approach is palpable.

Last week’s town hall in London showcased Pallia’s commitment to bridging distances, both geographical and metaphorical. His previous role as CEO of Americas 1 has equipped him with valuable insights, which he’s now bringing to the global stage.

Pallia’s leadership style is already apparent in his hand-picked senior leaders, Malay Joshi and Hari Shetty. With Joshi taking the helm of Americas 1 and Shetty assuming the role of Chief Strategist and Sales Excellence Officer, Pallia is assembling a seasoned team to drive Wipro’s growth agenda forward.

Despite the challenges ahead, including the evolving landscape of Gen AI and the shifting dynamics of the BFSI sector, Pallia’s focus remains unwavering. His commitment to building on the foundation laid by his predecessor, Thierry Delaporte, speaks volumes about his dedication to Wipro’s success.

Bold moves in mergers and acquisitions, such as the acquisitions of Capco and Rizing, highlight Pallia’s ambition to bolster Wipro’s consulting capabilities. His five-point agenda underscores his strategic priorities, from accelerating large deal momentum to investing in talent and skills aligned with AI and industry-specific solutions.

As Pallia navigates the complexities of leadership churn and industry dynamics, his leadership will be tested. Yet, his vision and determination suggest that Wipro is in capable hands, poised to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the ever-evolving IT landscape.


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