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CEO of Inextis Events Dhruv Davar Reflects on His Ten Years in the Field

Inextis Events marks a decade of crafting, conceptualizing, and executing unforgettable experiences, as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Dhruv Davar, the CEO of Inextis Events, offers insights into the company’s journey, challenges overcome, future plans, and more.

Reflecting on the company’s growth since its inception, Davar shares that Inextis has evolved to #MakeInterestingHappen for every project, driven by an unwavering passion to make events truly memorable. From humble beginnings with just a laptop and a room, the company has flourished into a leading force in the industry, having executed over 1000 events for 150+ brands with an impressive retention rate of 98.4%. Davar attributes this success to a relentless pursuit of excellence, a go-getter attitude, and a dedicated team that shares the vision to make every event extraordinary.

Despite facing numerous challenges over the past decade, including the unexpected setback of a fire at their first event, Inextis Events has thrived by embracing adversity and turning obstacles into opportunities. Davar recalls how the team tackled the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic by swiftly pivoting to virtual events, launching the innovative Virtual Console platform within 48 hours to deliver immersive experiences to clients.

Describing his experience as thrilling, Davar emphasizes the transformative nature of the live event and experiential industry, particularly in the face of technological advancements and global shifts. He highlights how the pandemic prompted Inextis to explore new avenues and adapt to changing circumstances, resulting in the creation of award-winning campaigns like Channel K for Kotak.

Looking ahead, Davar reveals exciting future initiatives planned for Inextis Events, including diversifying their offerings, expanding their corporate business, and embarking on passion projects and new business launches throughout 2023. The overarching goal remains constant: to evolve, grow, and continue #MakingInterestingHappen for clients and audiences alike.


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