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Former CEO of Zillow Spencer Rascoff is launching AI with former coworkers.

In the bustling landscape of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), where every lead could be a potential opportunity, three former Zillow Group innovators are reuniting to revolutionize client interactions. Spencer Rascoff, Anna Rodriguez, and Tony Small, seasoned veterans in the realm of converting leads into transactions, have embarked on a new venture: heyLibby.

At the heart of heyLibby lies a cutting-edge chatbot, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, designed to streamline initial conversations with prospective clients. This virtual assistant swiftly responds to inquiries, gathers vital information, schedules appointments, and even provides a concise summary of the interaction for business owners. Tailored for realtors, contractors, event planners, and various SMB owners, heyLibby aims to automate mundane tasks, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on what truly matters – nurturing relationships and growing their businesses.

Spurred by their shared vision and fueled by Rascoff’s backing through 75 & Sunny Labs, heyLibby is positioned as a game-changer in the AI-driven automation space. By leveraging AI advancements, heyLibby not only filters potential leads but also ensures that interactions remain relevant and productive. Jeff Elson, a real estate photographer, attests to its effectiveness, utilizing heyLibby as a pre-screening tool for potential clients.

Addressing concerns about AI’s tendency to generate false information or engage in disturbing conversations, heyLibby sets itself apart with its precision and relevance. Rodriguez emphasizes the bot’s focus on business-related queries, ensuring that conversations stay on track and serve the intended purpose.

Furthermore, heyLibby offers customizable features, empowering business owners to tailor the bot’s responses to their specific needs. Each interaction is meticulously tracked, providing valuable insights and empowering SMBs to make informed decisions.

Drawing inspiration from platforms like Linktree, Calendly, and Salesforce, Rascoff envisions heyLibby as an indispensable tool for SMBs worldwide. With plans to introduce premium add-ons and services, heyLibby aims to not only streamline client interactions but also drive revenue growth for its users.

While currently reliant on OpenAI’s API, heyLibby harbors ambitions of developing its own language model in the future. Rodriguez and Small, both seasoned professionals with extensive experience in tech and business development, bring invaluable expertise to the table, ensuring heyLibby’s success in a competitive market.

As heyLibby sets its sights on empowering SMBs with AI-driven solutions, it stands as a testament to innovation and collaboration, poised to reshape the landscape of client engagement for years to come.


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