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According to Abhishek Bose, CEO and Founder of My Menu, a restaurant’s ability to integrate technology is essential to its success

His journey from Oracle Hospitality to founding MyMenu and CITYMYWAY is truly impressive. It seems like his diverse background in hotel management and computer science has provided him with a unique perspective on the hospitality industry. It’s fascinating how his experiences have shaped MyMenu into a leading solution for restaurants and hotels worldwide.

His decision to offer MyMenu’s QR Menu for free during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates a commendable commitment to supporting the industry during challenging times. It’s no surprise that his dedication has helped establish MyMenu as an industry leader, with numerous prestigious hotel chains and luxury brands among its clients.

His upcoming book sounds like a valuable resource for F&B professionals, especially considering the rapidly evolving landscape of the industry. The integration of technology and the need for sustainability are undoubtedly major themes shaping the future of food and beverage.

His insights into marketing strategies for the F&B space are spot on. Knowing the customer and building strong relationships with them are essential in such a competitive industry. His suggestion of implementing a simple loyalty program demonstrates a thoughtful approach to customer retention.

Overall, his journey and contributions to the hospitality industry are inspiring. It’s evident that his passion for both technology and food has driven him to create innovative solutions that benefit businesses worldwide.


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