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Bay Area tech CEO who was charged with enslaving her aide agreed to give her $10 million, but she says her Hollywood attorney attempted to demand more money.

The legal battle between Christian Lanng, the former CEO of Tradeshift, and his former assistant is unfolding like a Hollywood drama. Lanng, accused of heinous acts in a lawsuit by his ex-assistant, is now turning the tables, alleging extortion by her high-profile lawyer.

The lawsuit paints a disturbing picture: Lanng allegedly coerced his assistant into signing what she describes as a “slave contract,” leading to years of abuse. Tradeshift, once valued at over a billion dollars, cut ties with Lanng amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

But the plot thickens. Lanng fires back, claiming he already settled with his assistant for a hefty sum in 2022, before her lawsuit surfaced. He’s now accusing her lawyer of demanding even more money, threatening to take her story to TMZ if he doesn’t comply.

In Lanng’s version of events, the relationship was consensual, and the lawsuit is a smear campaign for financial gain. He even dismisses the “slave contract” as a fictional prop, concocted by his assistant and never put into action.

But the assistant’s lawyer questions Lanng’s motives. If the contract was just a prop, why agree to a multimillion-dollar settlement? It’s a compelling question, adding another layer of intrigue to this legal saga.

As the courtroom drama unfolds, both sides are adamant in their claims. But behind the legal jargon and accusations lies a deeply troubling story of abuse and exploitation, leaving no winners in sight.


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