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Women entrepreneur

Purpose is the foundation of entrepreneurship, according to Kiran Majumdar Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, the powerhouse behind Biocon, isn’t just about the bottom line—she’s all about purpose. Speaking to Delhi government school students, she emphasized that entrepreneurship isn’t merely about making bank; it’s about having a vision to impact others’ lives positively. “Always have a purpose,” she urged, “because that purpose will be your guiding light toward success. And never forget the importance of giving back to society.”

Her journey wasn’t a cakewalk. Despite her stellar academic record, the job offers didn’t pour in when she returned from Australia. Rejection stung, but her father’s unwavering support kept her going. Eventually, she took the leap and ventured into entrepreneurship, armed with self-belief and a solid skill set.

But the road to success was paved with challenges. Securing a loan for her biotech business was an uphill battle; most didn’t grasp the intricacies of biotechnology. Yet, she persevered, finding that one person who believed in her vision. Her advice to students facing roadblocks? Stay patient and persistent—there’s always someone willing to listen and lend a hand.

The session, chaired by Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, highlighted the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset. Regardless of one’s chosen career path, Sisodia stressed the value of viewing every opportunity through a fresh lens. Whether a student aspires to be an engineer, doctor, or anything else, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit opens doors to becoming not just job seekers, but job creators.

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Women entrepreneur

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