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Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal: “We don’t need lectures from western companies” over severing connections with Microsoft’s Azure cloud services

Bhavish Aggarwal’s bold decision to sever ties with Microsoft Azure and transition Ola’s workload to its own AI firm, Krutrim, marks a significant shift in the tech landscape. His announcement on social media platform X, coupled with the offer of free cloud usage for developers looking to make a similar move, reflects a strategic pivot driven by principles and autonomy.

Aggarwal’s stance, fueled by recent events surrounding the removal of his post on “pronoun illness” from LinkedIn, underscores a commitment to independence and integrity in the face of perceived censorship. By reclaiming control over Ola’s cloud infrastructure, Aggarwal not only addresses concerns of ideological imposition but also asserts the company’s sovereignty in data management and decision-making.

The move poses a significant challenge to Microsoft, with Ola being one of its largest consumers in India. The potential loss of over Rs 100 crores in business underscores the impact of Aggarwal’s decision on Azure’s revenue stream. Moreover, Ola’s partnership with Microsoft since 2017, aimed at developing a connected vehicle platform, adds complexity to the transition process.

As Ola embarks on this journey towards self-reliance, the tech industry watches closely, anticipating the ripple effects of Aggarwal’s bold move. Beyond business implications, the decision carries broader implications for the balance of power and autonomy in the digital age. For Aggarwal and Ola, it’s not just about switching cloud providers; it’s about reclaiming agency and charting a course aligned with their values and vision for the future.

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