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From Code to Crown: Hasura’s Ascension to Unicorn Status with $100 Million Funding from Greenoaks Capital

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, Hasura emerges as a beacon of innovation, streamlining the process of web app creation with its groundbreaking technology. Led by the visionary duo of Tanmai Gopal and Rajoshi Ghosh, Hasura’s recent achievement of unicorn status—a valuation of over a billion dollars—serves as a testament to its transformative impact on the industry.

Since its inception in 2017, Hasura has been on a mission to revolutionize web app development, leveraging the power of GraphQL to simplify and expedite the creation of APIs for data access. GraphQL, originally developed by Facebook, has paved the way for more flexible and efficient APIs, enabling developers to build robust applications with unprecedented speed and agility.

With its latest funding round of $100 million led by Greenoaks Capital, Hasura embarks on a new chapter of growth and innovation. This injection of capital not only validates Hasura’s pioneering technology but also underscores investor confidence in the immense potential of pure software startups amidst the digital revolution.

Neil Shah, partner at Greenoaks Capital, aptly captures Hasura’s impact on the developer community, highlighting its widespread adoption and undeniable success in enhancing productivity and accelerating time to market for mission-critical applications. Indeed, Hasura’s journey—from grassroots open-source projects to collaborations with industry giants—exemplifies the power of innovation to drive tangible results.

For Hasura CEO Tanmai Gopal, this funding represents more than just financial support; it signifies an opportunity to amplify innovation velocity and empower users to deliver software at unprecedented speeds. As Hasura continues to push the boundaries of possibility and shape the future of software development, its ascent to unicorn status marks not only a milestone but a testament to the transformative potential of visionary ideas and relentless dedication.

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