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Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, has a strong desire to increase the company’s presence in India

Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths has expressed strong interest in expanding the organization’s footprint in the Indian market. Griffiths emphasized the strategic importance of India, citing its growing economy, burgeoning middle class, and increasing air travel demand. He highlighted Dubai’s position as a key hub connecting the Middle East and India, underscoring the potential for enhanced connectivity and collaboration between the two regions.

Griffiths noted that Dubai Airports sees India as a crucial market for both passenger and cargo traffic. He highlighted the need for infrastructure development and partnerships to accommodate the expected growth in air travel between Dubai and major Indian cities. Griffiths expressed confidence in Dubai Airports’ ability to leverage its expertise and resources to support India’s aviation sector and contribute to its economic development.

Dubai Airports has been actively engaging with Indian aviation authorities and stakeholders to explore opportunities for collaboration. Griffiths mentioned ongoing discussions with Indian airlines and airport operators to strengthen bilateral ties and explore new routes. He emphasized the importance of fostering strong relationships and mutual cooperation to ensure sustainable growth and operational efficiency in the aviation industry.

In addition to passenger traffic, Griffiths highlighted the potential for growth in cargo operations between Dubai and India. He cited Dubai’s world-class cargo facilities and logistics capabilities as key advantages that could benefit Indian businesses looking to expand their global reach. Griffiths expressed Dubai Airports’ commitment to supporting trade and commerce between the two regions through efficient air cargo services.

Griffiths acknowledged the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic but remained optimistic about the long-term prospects for air travel recovery and growth in India. He stressed the importance of resilience and adaptability in navigating the evolving landscape of global aviation. Griffiths reaffirmed Dubai Airports’ commitment to maintaining high standards of safety, service, and operational excellence as it expands its presence and strengthens partnerships in the Indian market.

Looking ahead, Griffiths expressed enthusiasm about the opportunities that lie ahead for Dubai Airports in India. He underscored the organization’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, aiming to contribute positively to India’s aviation ecosystem while meeting the evolving needs of travelers and businesses. As Dubai Airports continues to explore avenues for growth and collaboration, Griffiths remains optimistic about the mutually beneficial outcomes that could arise from closer ties between Dubai and India’s aviation sectors.

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