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Bill Gates-backed lab-grown breast milk startup’s new CEO braces for challenges.


– In early 2020, the brand-new biotech start-up BIOMILQ made waves with a $3.5 million seed investment led by Bill Gates Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Its purpose is to create cultured breast milk.

The company’s potential is both readily apparent and extremely subtle. Lab-grown breast milk has the potential to feed the millions of newborns who cannot be breastfed each year, a market that has historically been dominated by formula. After a formula shortage created panic and hoarding last year, the BIOMILQ option became especially enticing. Furthermore, some formula products include powdered cow’s milk, which has an environmental impact that many seek to reduce.

Despite the marketability, navigating the science, politics, and growing pains on the way to market is a difficult task, according to BIOMILQ CEO.


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