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Global startup founders eyeing Qatar’s tech ecosystem, says Kahana CEO| Gulf Times – Gulf Times

Felix Ochefu, the brains behind Kahana, has his sights set on Qatar as a hub for global startup activity. At the Web Summit Qatar 2024, he was buzzing with excitement about the “unique opportunity” offered by the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) to entrepreneurs like himself.

The event, a groundbreaking first for the Middle East, drew in over 1,000 startups from around the world, Kahana among them. Ochefu’s enthusiasm was palpable as he shared his vision for Kahana, an app revolutionizing group travel coordination.

Describing Kahana’s innovative approach, the Web Summit highlighted its ability to seamlessly integrate travel planning and booking, boasting a vast network of airlines and accommodations. Ochefu’s passion for streamlining group travel experiences was evident as he spoke of Kahana’s AI-powered solutions aimed at eliminating fragmentation for travelers.

Ochefu’s encounter at the Startup Lounge opened his eyes to the QFC’s offer, prompting him to explore further. He was struck by the Qatari government’s commitment to partnering with top-tier founders and fostering a vibrant technology ecosystem.

For Ochefu and Kahana, the Web Summit was not just a networking opportunity but also a chance to secure funding. With an angel round in progress and a larger pre-seed round on the horizon, Ochefu eagerly engaged with potential investors, particularly those from Qatar and the Middle East, recognizing their dedication to shaping the future of travel and tourism.

The significance of Web Summit Qatar 2024 extended beyond business networking. It was a pivotal moment in Qatar’s pursuit of its Third National Development Strategy 2024-2030, as articulated by the QFC. By facilitating on-the-spot company registration and offering enticing incentives, the QFC drew over a hundred companies across various sectors, underscoring Qatar’s appeal as an investment destination.

Yousuf Mohamed al-Jaida, CEO of the QFC, emphasized the event’s role in bolstering Qatar’s digital ecosystem and nurturing innovation. Through their support for startups and entrepreneurs, the QFC is contributing to Qatar’s ambition of becoming a leading tech hub in the region.

In essence, the convergence of entrepreneurial spirit, government support, and global networking at Web Summit Qatar 2024 signals a promising future for Qatar’s technology landscape, with Kahana poised to play a significant role in shaping it.


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