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Samsung India CEO Deliberates on AI Integration in Galaxy S24 Series: Striking the Balance Between Innovation, Privacy, and User Empowerment

With the introduction of Galaxy AI, Samsung has ignited a new wave of innovation in the smartphone arena, with the Galaxy S24 serving as a significant milestone in this AI revolution. TOI Tech recently engaged in a conversation with JB Park, President and CEO of Samsung India, to delve into Samsung’s approach to AI implementation and its focus on delivering meaningful user experiences devoid of gimmicks.

Park’s insights shed light on Samsung’s commitment to a user-centric approach, emphasizing the pivotal role of user feedback in shaping AI development. Samsung’s strategy revolves around harmonizing on-device and cloud-based functionalities to create AI innovations that resonate with users while prioritizing their privacy.

Confirming Samsung’s dual approach to AI, Park stated, “Yes, we have on-device. And then we have a cloud base.” This collaborative effort, facilitated by trusted partners, enables Samsung to develop AI features that analyze user data while safeguarding privacy.

Park also highlighted the practical applications of AI, envisioning it as a tool to diagnose and address issues in home appliances, such as malfunctioning TVs. Samsung views AI as an ally, proactively identifying and resolving issues to enhance the seamless integration of technology into users’ lives.

Addressing common fears associated with AI, Park accentuated its positive impact, particularly in resource efficiency and cost savings. He emphasized, “I think there are more positive ways that can save dollars, energy management systems,” reframing AI as a catalyst for positive change.

In a bid to address ethical concerns, Samsung adopts a partnership-centric approach, aligning only with trusted entities committed to responsible AI use and prioritizing user welfare. This underscores Samsung’s dedication to ethical AI practices and ensuring that AI innovations remain focused on enhancing the user experience.

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